Insertion, deletion, and modification anomalies

Discuss insertion, deletion, and modification anomalies. Why are they considered bad? Illustrate with examples. Sample Solution

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How to compute the dissimilarity between objects

Briefly outline how to compute the dissimilarity between objects described by the following:
(a) Nominal attributes
(b) Binary attributes
(c) Numeric attribues

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Explain the difference and similarity between discrimination and classification, between characterization and clustering, and between classification and regression

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Personal branding | genius home works

What is personal branding? (You may use your own operational definition.)
What are the pros and cons of personal branding?
Using your own ethics and understanding of your desired career path, discuss how you will develop your own personal brand.

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Evaluating online data storage solutions

You are a technologist working for an international manufacturer of private label over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. You have been asked to evaluate online data storage solutions, including the Cloud, and enhanced productivity tools, including Virtual Machine software, as cost effective tools.
Identify, describe, and discuss 3 or more conflicting Information Security requirements for online data storage (focusing on Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability). Then identify and discuss potential options for outsourcing data storage and virtualization which satisfy your identified requirements. Include recommendations for access control tools and techniques that will enhance or improve CIA-related solutions (e.g. security controls) for each technology.

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Ethical standards required for a person who works with information systems.

Discuss ethical standards required for a person who works with information systems. Why are ethics important? Visit a professional association related to the information systems field and explain in your own words five of its code of ethics or code of conduct guidelines.

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An internal analysis and an external analysis

Discuss the differences between an internal analysis and an external analysis with respect to strategic planning.
What do organizations typically analyze as part of an internal analysis? Why?
What do organizations typically analyze as part of an external analysis? Why?
How do the results of each of these analyses inform an organization’s strategic plan?

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The barriers facing group | genius home works

How have your life experiences and educational background informed your understanding of the barriers facing groups that are underrepresented in higher education?

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The promotion cycle | genius home works

You are the second in command at a city law enforcement agency. Your agency is currently in the promotion cycle with several candidates interested in a Lieutenant’s position that has become available. The agency only has positions at this level come open about once every year. There are two candidates for the position that standout above the rest from the perspective of their service and performance records.

Both you and the head of the agency must approve all final promotion decisions. A couple of days before the final decision must be made regarding the promotion you receive a call from the Mayor’s assistance. The assistant tells you that the Mayor would consider it a huge favor if you selected a specific candidate for the Lieutenant’s position, however this individual is not one of the top two candidates being considered.

You know that the head of your agency hates to be involved in political matters and typically defers to you to take care of the matters when they arise. Also, the agency head is looking to you for a recommendation regarding which candidate should be promoted. Additionally, you know that the agency’s next annual budget is up for consideration very soon. Having the Mayor’s support would greatly increase the chances for some much needed budget increases. Without the Mayor’s support you fear that the agency’s budget may face some severe cutbacks.

In your initial response, begin by discussing the options available to you in this scenario. As part of your options discussion, highlight how they impact not only the position candidates, but also the agency as a whole. Conclude your initial response by identifying the option you would select and briefly explain why you selected that option.

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