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The states of Tennessee and Kentucky are east-central states that border each other in the United States. They sustain a great deal of national infrastructure capabilities; all that could be targeted by nefarious groups. Because they border each other, they share many natural geographic dimensions, environmental factors, and cultural issues. Each has produced a Homeland Security Strategic Plan. Please review, analyze, and compare & contrast the two the mission and vision statements.

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The New Deal launched an ambitious agenda of reform items

The question relates to one of the chapters from our textbook Give me Liberty! as well as its
corresponding chapter in the companion sourcebook Voices of Freedom. The paper should
answer the question directly and fully and should attempt to make an argument. This assignment
evaluates your engagement with both of your assigned books and should engage with them
throughout the paper. Your paper should make use of the textbook and cite it appropriately. You
must also include three primary sources from the corresponding chapter of Voices of Freedom.
The paper itself should be 3-5 full pages in length, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1 inch
margins. You will submit the paper via TurnItIn by 5PM on Sunday, November 14th.

1.) The New Deal launched an ambitious agenda of reform items to allow the government to manage the Great Depression and prevent future economic catastrophes. Using Chapter 21 of Eric Foner’s textbook Give Me Liberty! answer the following question: Were New Deal policies transformational to the system of the American government and economy, or did these policies have a limited impact in the short or long term?

The following questions can help you construct your response, but you do not need to answer each and every one of the questions below: What were the major policies of the New Deal and what philosophy undergirded its efforts? Did the New Deal impact all groups equally, or did it privilege some above others? Did the New Deal meet the needs of the moment in terms of the Depression? How did the New Deal reshape the government and Americans’ view of it?

2.) The principle objective of the United States during World War II, as articulated by FDR, was to secure the “Four Freedoms” in the world. Using Chapter 22 of Eric Foner’s textbook Give Me Liberty! answer the following question: To what extent did the American war effort attempt to safeguard freedoms at home and abroad during the Second World War?

The following questions can help you construct your response, but you do not need to answer each and every one of the questions below: What were the Four Freedoms, and how did Roosevelt and others propose fighting for them? Was all progress at this time dependent on the national government, or did individual groups fight for freedom independently? How might Americans have infringed on freedoms abroad, and how might it have secured some national freedoms? Were the actions of wartime legislation tied to the New Deal, and did the war help secure the same sort of economic freedom this policy agenda strived for?

3.) The fear of Communism at home and abroad preoccupied Americans of many political orientations during The Cold War. Using Chapter 24 of Eric Foner’s textbook Give Me Liberty! answer the following question: How did anticommunism shape American politics and society from 1945 to 1953?

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State the topics that will be covered in this section.
Organization description: Describe the program or service (program focus, resources, population, clients served, and the theory of change). Include a description of the stakeholders and evaluation purpose.
Research questions and hypotheses: Revisit research questions and hypotheses established in the Unit 3 assignment, Research Literature Review.
Definition of variables and terms in the study: Define your major variables in a clear and concise manner, and distinguish between independent and dependent variables. Every variable that is identified in the research questions should be defined clearly in this section in terms of what it is and how it will be measured.
Description of the methodology (study design).
Explain whether your study is qualitative, quantitative, or both and whether it is cross-sectional (single point in time) or longitudinal (more than one measure from the same people).
Explain how you are going to determine the efficacy of your program (for example, pre-tests and post-tests, comparison to a similar group of people not receiving program services).
Explain if you are comparing the group getting the intervention to any other group on the outcomes of interest (a control or comparison group).
Explain if you are using more than one source of data to triangulate measures of your outcome of interest (for example, rates of participation, qualitative interviews, and a satisfaction survey).
Explain why this method of program evaluation and methodology is best practice (as compared to other possible models).
Sampling procedures.
Distinguish between the population and your sample.
Provide some basic demographic information that you would anticipate.
State how many people are taking part in the study and how you will go about sampling them.
Explain how the control/comparison group will be selected or how people are assigned to that group, if you are using a control/comparison group.
Instrumentation: Do you plan to use a standardized instrument or will you design your own? Why? Every variable that is addressed in your research questions and operational definitions should also be addressed in this section. Describe the validity and reliability of your instruments. Note that you must include at least one quantitative measure. Include your instruments, including any qualitative interview protocols, in an appendix.
Data collection and procedures: Describe exactly what you plan to do and when. Explain how and when you will collect each measure, and how and when you will begin the intervention and for how long
Human protection: Discuss ethical issues pertaining to the method of program evaluation you selected. Discuss how you will address and minimize these issues. Include a sample informed consent (and minor assent, if necessary) as an appendix.

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Stephen King – On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft – Second Half

A Memoir of the Craft (On Writing; On Living: A Postscript; And Furthermore, Part 1: Door Shut, Door Open; And Furthermore, Part 2: A Booklist; And Furthermore, Part 3). Don’t fret if your edition of On Writing doesn’t contain all of these sections. Work with the version of you book you have.

A) Post a list of the three (3) to five (5) most interesting or valuable pieces of information you have gleaned from the second half of On Writing. Support each item on your list with several sentences explaining why you have made each selection.

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While bivariate regression is used to predict the impact of one independent variable on one dependent variable, multivariate regression is used to predict the impact of two or more independent variables on one dependent variable.

In this scenario, you will continue to work as a business consultant trainee with the superstore client. The superstore would like to know which variables have an impact on its sales revenue and number of orders. Your vice president would like you to perform two multivariate regressions to analyze the data. Remember that the superstore is interested in whether specific trends are identified that can help grow its business through improved operations and sales. You have decided that the best analysis will be to perform multivariate regressions.

For each of the regressions, your dependent variables will be sales revenue and number of orders, respectively, and you will be selecting two independent variables. Then you will write a report for the superstore in which you describe the regression modules and the variables you chose to analyze. Additionally, you will explain why you chose to analyze those independent variables.
Your task is to perform multivariate regressions using Excel. You will also write a short report that describes the regression model you used and why you chose to analyze these selected independent variables.

Perform two multivariate regressions on the data using the Superstore Excel Workbook to complete this step. This workbook also contains your work from previous modules. Both multivariate regressions should analyze Sales with the two independent variables of your choice.
Create one multivariate regression that is placed in the Multivariate_Regression_1 worksheet.
Create one multivariate regression that is placed in the Multivariate_Regression_2 worksheet.
Explain the results of the multivariate regression. For each multivariate regression performed, address the following:
Why did you choose your selected independent variables?
Explain the regression model used.
Include the key regression output values that include: R2, p value, intercept, and coefficients.
Explain the regression equation performed.

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