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The leadership of the Singaporean-headquartered software solutions organization is concerned about issues arising from communication and coordination challenges between employees at the U.S. branch and the Singaporean headquarters. The VP of the U.S. branch tasks you, as an HR consultant, with developing a change management plan.

You decide that before you prepare and present a change management plan, the VP should be familiar with various change management models. This will enable you to explain and justify your use of a particular model to create the change management plan. You decide to create a report that introduces the various change management models and send it to the VP. The report also identifies your selected model for the change management plan and justifies your selection.

For this assignment, you need to share with the VP in the course scenario the rationale for deploying a particular change management model at the U.S. branch of the Singaporean software solutions provider.

Specifically, you must address the following criteria for the creation of the change management model report:

Provide a brief description of change management models listed below:
ADKAR change management model
Kotter’s change management model
Lewin’s change management model
Compare the benefits of these change management models listed above.
Determine the most appropriate change management model for the U.S. branch. Support your response with research.
Identify problem areas related to change indicated in the Employee Engagement Surveys and Leaders’ Self-Evaluations.
How does the selected change management model resolve these problem areas?
What other features of the selected change management model make it appropriate for the U.S. branch?

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The filing status of the taxpayer

Question 1 The filing status of the taxpayer isSingleMarried Filing JointlyMarried Filing SeparatelyHead of Household The number of dependents on the tax return is___:01234 Form 1040 Line 1 _ (W-2 Wages, enter without comma or $) Tax-exempt interest on Line 2a __ Taxable interest on Line 2b _ Pensions and annuities (Line 4a) _ Pensions […]

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Evidence Base Practice

Conduct a search for 10 peer-reviewed, translational research articles published within the last 5 years that demonstrate support for your PICOT. You may include previous research articles from assignments completed in this course. Use the “Literature Evaluation Table” provided to evaluate the articles and explain how the research supports your PICOT. Sample Solution

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Mental Health Journal | genius home works

From your perspective, what are the keys to having a satisfying, and meaningful life? How do those keys change with time?

What resources are available on our campuses for students suffering with their mental health?

What are some risk factors or characteristics associated with suicide?

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Working as AWS Developer

In 300 word paper, reflect on your internship and how it related to your executive masters program at university. As you prepare your paper, you might consider answering some of these questions: How did this internship help prepare you for future endeavors, both academically and in the workplace?What was the best and worst parts of […]

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US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team)

US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) provide timely information about current security issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits. At you can subscribe to their mailing lists and feeds. Join one of the mailing lists or feeds and see what type of security information you can receive from CERT by e-mail.

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Step-By-Step How To Code Python For Data Visualization

1- collect data using an API for TMDb

2- construct a graph representation of this data that will show which actors have acted together in various movies

3- complete all tasks according to the instructions found in the file ‘’ to complete the Graph class, the TMDbAPIUtils class, and the two global functions. The Graph class will serve as a re-usable way to represent and write out your collected graph data. The TMDbAPIUtils class will be used to work with the TMDB API for data retrieval.

4- Create a TMDb account to obtain an authentication token.

5- Producing correct nodes.csv and edges.csv

ps. other files are examples found in the intenret (not sure if can help)

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Catharsis content delivery | genius home works

1) What are your thoughts/perceptions as it relates to the Catharsis content delivery (was it a good way to present the information, why/why not)?

2) Will you reevaluate or change your current dating behaviors as a result of completing the ‘U Got This’ learning modules (why/why not)?

3) Compare and contrast your attitudes/perceptions and knowledge of sexual assault and gender violence before and after completing the ‘U Got This’ learning module.

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The unique role of evidence-based leadership (EBL)

Describe how the unique role of evidence-based leadership (EBL) can facilitate an organization change to the new paradigm of EBP.
Chapter 19 describes the similarities of the the EBP and EIHP processes. Provide a summary of a policy problem and formulate the policy problem into a policy PICOT question.
2 peer reviewed articles within 5 years.

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Moral Distress For Nursing | genius home works

Many nurses are very concerned about what lies in the future of their careers. Each generation has their challenges, but this generation will probably always remember COVID-19. As nurses, we had to reflect on what happened during those days and we needed to soul search because of what we had to confront as nurses. Some of you are on the front lines of this pandemic taking care of patients that are affected.

Go to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) website and read about moral distress.
Please share a couple of experiences that you may have had or that you may imagine that you would have caring for a patient with COVID-19
Example: It really disturbs me that a person that is dying cannot communicate with their family. As a proponent of palliative care and hospice and all the ideas connected to this I am adamantly against any person going through the dying process without family present. This has really disturbed me to the point that I am personally dealing with feelings of distress that I cannot come up with an answer.
Distinguish between moral distress, burnout and compassion fatigue. Classify the example that is given above.
Read the AACN Position Statement: Moral Distress in Times of Crisis. Comment on the AACN Position Statement. Do you believe the same things about moral distress. What do you believe?

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