Answer the questions in a word doc APA format, Double Spaced. Articles are provided in attached files. This is the final assignment for SOCI 309. Please be sure to answer all of the questions. T

Answer the questions in a word doc APA format, Double Spaced. Articles are provided in attached files.This is the final assignment for SOCI 309.  Please be sure to answer all of the questions.  The test should be submitted through Blackboard.  The test is to blackboard.  The due date is May 5.   Total value for the test: 20 points.    ——————————————————————- 1.      (a) Kathleen Ferraro’s article details the stages that women experience as they face domestic abuse. What are these stages, and what are the emotions that the women experience over time?(b) On blackboard, you will find Jennifer Gonnerman’s article about Shelley, a victim of sustained violent abuse by her partner/husband, Relate the stages in the Gonnerman article to the stages in Kathleen Ferraro’s article.2.      In class we discussed the Violence Against Women Act, originally passed more than 25 years ago. On blackboard, there is a summary of the VAWA published in 2019–it has had several renewals over the years.(a) Using this summary discuss the kinds of services that this truly revolutionary legislation provides for women.(b) What are some of the challenges, both emotional and practical, women face as they move toward the choice to leave their abusers? What provisions within the VAWA provide them with the resources they need to get out of their situation?3.      When is divorce most likely to happen? The rates of divorce vary by race and social class. We discussed this early in the semester when we discussed social class, and both your textbook and the two articles assigned provide information as well. Describe the differences in rates between social classes, and race/ethnicity.4.      In class, Professor Masters  discussed the findings from Hetherington’s book, for Better or For Worse, which is based on a longitudinal study of divorced couples and their children.(a) From that discussion, are women more likely to be divorce “winners” than divorce” “losers” over the longer term?  (b) What kinds of resources do women rely on to get them through the post-divorce period? You can use our discussion and Lamanna article to support your answer.5.      The readings discuss the impact of divorce on children and their development into adulthood. (a) The early period when couples are srtruggling with the decision to decision to divorce is difficult for children, but over time, they go through different phases of adjustment according to Cherlin. (Cherlin relies on some of the data collected by Hetherington and Kelly that looks at long-term adjustment patterns,  Discuss this process.  (b)  Some research suggests that children who live in families with high levels of marital conflict are better off if their parents divorce than if they remain in the difficult marriage.  After reading the material from different sources, what is your reaction to this view. 6.    Most nonresident parents are fathers.  (a) What are some of the challenges that fathers face in maintaining relationships with children living in another household?  (b) There is, many researchers have found,  a trend toward increasing involvement of fathers with their children after divorce.  How can the divorce lead to an Improved relationship with  children?     (c) How does the increase in joint custody reflect the increasing involvement in child rearing and changes in traditional gender roles that were shaped by expectations of mother as nurturer and father as provider?  7.    The legal aspects of ending a divorce amplify the misery and grief associated with divorce. (a)  Discuss this process.  (b) The alternative to this adversarial approach is mediation.  How does divorce mediation soften the emotional pain of the divorce?  What important skills does this mediation help couples develop?8.    Cherlin discusses the variety of stepfamilies in his chapter.   What are the common problems that emertge within stepfamilies, and what steps might be taken to help children in these families adjust to the changes in their family after divorce? 

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