APPLIED ETHICS MINI CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW There are four Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Assignments. In each Applied Ethics Mini Case Study, write your thoughts and reflection2022-05-22 Answers

APPLIED ETHICS MINI CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEWThere are four Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Assignments. In each Applied Ethics Mini Case Study, write your thoughts and reflections in the form of a mini case study on the prompt for the given week. Use the textbook readings, article reading(s), Bible readings, and the video presentations for the respective Week/Module as well as your personal observations and experience for support. INSTRUCTIONSWrite your mini case studies in APA format with a title page and a reference list page. Include APA citations in the text and a reference list at the end as appropriate. Each paper should cite at least three references from the textbook readings, article(s), and/or video presentations. Other references may be researched and utilized also, and they would be in addition to the minimum of three references from the assigned readings. Review the Applied Ethics Mini Case Study Grading Rubric. Your submission should be at least 500 words. Submit your Mini Case Study as a Microsoft Word Document to the link provided.Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility in AviationFor this mini case study, refer to the textbook readings and the articles:  Dallas Willard: The Business of Business;  Milton Friedman: Cultural Social Responsibility;  Ferrara: Friedman’s Take on Corporate Social Responsibility is Brilliant and Elegant—But Obsolete, and  Stanford and Homan: A Model of Applied Ethics in Aviation Safety: The Aviation Safety Reporting System. AVIA 472Page 2 of 3 Also read 1 Kings 12:1-24, the story of King Rehoboam and Baugus: Entrepreneurship in the Bible ( situation: The aviation safety reporting system as a model of applied ethics.Using the Cultural Relativism Ethics System and/or the Ethical Egoism Ethics System as framework(s), provide 1) your critical analysis and thoughts on what motivates leaders of corporations to do what they do, and 2) your critical analysis and thoughts on the ethics of not reporting mistakes in a work profession. Derive practical lessons from your case study analysis.

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