Argument for funding / funding appeal Essay The objective is to cap the learning with a small positive action. Students will identify, research and choose an organization that I will support with a do

Argument for funding / funding appeal EssayThe objective is to cap the learning with a small positive action. Students will identify, research and choose an organization that I will support with a donation. The class chooses. REMEMBER to respect copyright! Review the citation material. No quoting without quotation marks, no citing without a reference. You will see very good descriptions of what an organization does on its website and in articles or blogs about the organization. DO NOT COPY them!Use proper citation.  Copying = FAILSteps for this work:Step 1. Student looks at several organizations that work to improve economic conditions for a disadvantaged gender group.Criteria:   1. Organization should work in Canada, or                 2. The organization MUST accept Paypal if it is outside Canada (it’s the only way I will transfer money internationally)                  3. The organization should be a non-profit organization or a registered charity.   4. The organization should be financially accountable – most of its money should go to the work it says it does, and there should be no scandals attached to the organization. Any organization that does not satisfy the above criteria will not receive the funding even if it is the most popular with the class. Step 2. Student researches the work and financial accountability of these organizations.Step 3. Student chooses an organization that they would like Professor Brown to support with a $100 donation.Step 4. Student writes a one to two page argument on why their organization should be chosen for the donation.  This argument should address the organization’s work, both in terms of its objectives and its accomplishments. This argument should also address the organization’s financial responsibility and its reputation. The argument can include a personal argument for why this is important to the student, as well as any argument that the student believes will help their case.  If the argument includes a very personal story, the student should indicate whether they are okay with their argument being shared (anonymously) with the class.NOTE: The student must follow rules for citation and quotes for this assignment. If there are 5 words taken from a source without quotation marks, or any other major citation rule is broken, the submission will not be included in the shortlist. 5. The class chooses a winning organization on the last day of classes. We also rank the runners- up. Usually, I pick the top 10 or 12, remove student names, and we work from this group. 6. Prof. Brown sends money to the organization (NOT to the student). Prof. Brown may send money to some of the runners-up or to organizations based on individual submissions, even if these are not the winner.

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