Comparative Essay Instructions (Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Research, & Personal Responsibility) Write an essay in which you compare and contrast two subjects (people, places, t2022-06-25 Answers

 Comparative Essay Instructions(Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Research, & Personal Responsibility)     Write an essay in which you compare and contrast two subjects (people, places, things, activities, ideas, etc.), preferably things you are quite familiar with. Choose your subjects carefully: they should share enough points of resemblance so that your comparison is logical; however beware of choosing subjects that are so vastly different that a comparison of them is foolish. Your purpose is to arrive at some sort of conclusion about your subjects based upon your analysis of the similarities and differences. You should NOT merely list the similarities and differences. Beware the dreaded “laundry list.” Also, do not compare people you know.     I expect a creative title, introduction with background information and a “hook,” thesis sentence with comparison language, developmental supporting paragraphs, and an interesting conclusion. The paper needs to be  2 1/2 to 3 pages in MLA style. You must quote from two scholarly articles from the library database, use correct in-text citations, and provide a correct Works Cited page. Moreover, it needs to be in 3rd person formal discourse (in other words, no 1st or 2nd person, no slang, and no verbal contractions). *Write more than a 5-paragraph essay. NO Internet material. All resources must come from Collin’s databases. Do not compare people you know or abstract concepts.N.B. Be sure to attach your Works Cited page as the last page of your essay.

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