Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon Flotilla Stopped.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon Flotilla Stopped.

The Israelis have this blockade in an effort to stop weapons, especially GPR (grenade propelled rockets) and missiles, from reaching Gaza. Hamas, the elected government of Israel, uses these weapons to target Israeli targets. Instead of invading Gaza and occupying it once again, Israel is trying to protect its borders from the GPRs and missiles that rain upon their civilian homes and cities. The two men talking about the flotilla in the cartoon sum up the situation. If the flotilla comes through, possible arms and much-needed supplies are delivered.

If violence erupts, Israel looks bad in the light of the entire world. What is not known, or underreported, is Israel sends tons of food, medical supplies, tools, and other supplies monthly. These are from Israeli sources. The Israeli government told the flotilla if they docked in Israel the supplies would be checked and transported to Gaza. The Israelis even said that the representatives could watch the IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldiers search the food. The representatives could have then accompanied the shipment to Gaza.

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The whole flotilla was a publicity stunt that got people killed. Hopefully seeing how manipulative the Palestinians can be will make Americans and the rest of the world-wise up. The Palestinians have created their bed, now they need to lie in it.MemoRe: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon My audience is Colorado citizens. I kept them in mind by explaining events in the Middle East, since an average Colorado citizen probably does not keep up with events in Gaza and Israel. I am responding in a manner to inform about the issue through the cartoon.

I expect most people to disagree with my point of view. My word choice and tone will be logical and to the point in order to explain the situation to my audience.