Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Data Requirements of Geographical Information System.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Data Requirements of Geographical Information System. GIS manages data layers as specific objects and uses a wide collection of tools to work with the data layers to derive key relationships.”

The required data in the system can be of different types such as Vector, Raster, Grid, Attributes, and Databases. Vector data can be presented as “Points” on the surface of a page that has x-y coordinate pair or “Lines” that connect two data points or “Polygons” to surround an area that infinite data points are concentrated in.

Grid data surround the calculation are by polygons and make the calculations much faster. Databases keep all the necessary information for GIS and because of this, they are considered as the most important foundation of such systems.

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Other data related requirements for a GIS are Shape-files and Geo-Databases.” A Shape-file is a type of GIS data layer that is used to transfer vector data. Each Shape-file can contain only one feature class.”

“Geo-databases are object-oriented data models that are stored in a relational database management system. They enable you to store multiple feature classes and the topological relationship among them. All feature classes in a feature data set must share the same spatial reference. Geo-databases have the ability to implement sophisticated business logic that can build relationships between data types, validates data, and controls access (import, editing, & export).”

The number of data types for Geographical Information Systems is vast and this causes an enormous number of sources to get involved in the system but the number of sources is different from project to project. A number of sources that are often used by the people in GIS are the information issued by Government Agencies and/or commercial businesses. Sometimes maybe the scope of a project would is different from these known sources but most of the time much valuable info could be learned from such sources.

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