Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Evolution of the 19th Century European Paintings.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Evolution of the 19th Century European Paintings. Towards the age of enlightenment in the 18th century, perceptions have been changed. Art is then described as a pursuit or profession in which skill is geared towards the achievement of taste or creation of what is beautiful. And although the skill is there, art is further associated with taste, class, elegance, and beauty. An account has been made that Mme. de Pompadour contributed in the development of new standards for such taste and elegance, but also did so much to heighten the status of the artists in the society. During this century, artists and writers became frequent guests in aristocratic rendezvous.In the 19th century, artists already began to show more extensive emancipations with conventional ideas and techniques, interpretation, and appropriate subject matter. The manifestations of the artists’ skills are greatly shown in their works. Their ideas of beauty and creativity coupled with their skills were radiated to superior works of art that have entertained spectators. With this, artists held special and sublime class, in some ways distinct from ordinary humans. Another noted consideration of the 19th-century perception of art and its relation to the present day is the ability of paintings to persuade and teach. At that time, it has been the most powerful visual image and the window of people to get information about the world around them. Thus, wealthy and powerful supporters used art for the purpose of education. This concept has transcended to the creation highly technological visual images used today. Somehow, the theories that apply to the use of art during the olden centuries have been handed down to current generations. It is a very important tool to facilitate learning and it continuously advances to graphic designs in cyber technology.

Also during the 19th century is the spread of democracy and at this stage, avenues have been provided for artists that allowed them to present vast diversity of visions and messages. This was also because of the fact that there has been an increase in the middle class that already patronize their works. like today, exhibits are held to publicly display an artist’ masterpieces. There were still convictions, as there have been in the past, in the supremacy of art to shape human minds. But now, these works of art became expressions of visions and the thus the artists were foreseen as prophets. They somehow provide moral and spiritual guidance and to project beauty and significance for the emergence of the industrial age. to reinvent and develop the visual arena to meet the changing times. As noted in the past, the later years of the 19th century gave rise to significant movements such as modernism, impressionism, expressionism, and symbolism. In many ways, these movements are clearly seen in today’s concept of arts. The quest for innovation and updated-ness is inherent in the artist’s goal of producing fine arts. Nonetheless, there are still many who remain to patronize the traditional, nostalgic techniques and endeavored to hinder the accelerating rate of change. The appearances of such arts are with intricate, elaborate, and decorative details, as opposed to modernist penchant to simplify forms and diminish decorative details. Similar to present setting, there is a diverse range of themes in modern paintings. There may a touch of contemporary inspiration or the traditional and melancholy mood.

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