Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How the Internet Has Changed Us.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: How the Internet Has Changed Us. Although introversion in and of itself is not necessarily a bad character trait, it must be noted that the overuse and reliance upon these technological tools, which have already been discussed, has created a dynamic by which formerly extroverted individuals are merely introverted and carrying out a great deal of interpersonal communication that one might otherwise carry out face-to-face via the Internet or other technologically enabled means (Lin et al. 743). However, communication is not the only thing that suffers from overdependence upon technology.&nbsp. This increase in virtual touch and decreased inter-personal/face-to-face communication has meant that individuals are increasingly uncomfortable communicating in traditional ways.&nbsp. Accordingly, one of the most damaging impacts that technological profusion within society has been able to effect is individuals’ decreased ability to relate (Carr 28).&nbsp. As one might expect, although this impacts all stakeholders within the community, the extent to which its impact affects the younger generation is more profound, as these individuals are the demographic that spends the largest percentage of their time online.&nbsp.

Another negative impact that technological profusion and web addiction has affected within the younger generation is that short-term memory levels have been impacted negatively. As such, the ability and recall rates for information such as capitals of states, a rough understanding, and appreciation for the order and number of presidents, how many chromosomes exists in human DNA, which the first woman in space was, for the year in which the state of Israel was created are being lost (Sahin et al. 15). As can be seen, there is something to be said for the amount of memory recall that individuals can possess and leverage as a means of readily interjecting essential understandings and tidbits of fact, data, and history into conversations and pertinent situations. However, with an overdependence upon technology has, the position in which individuals have placed this premium of memory and recall far down on the list of priorities, choosing instead to merely “Google that” or “look that up”.

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