Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Irish Republican Army.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Irish Republican Army.

Its various underground movement and clandestine connections with similar entities from other parts of the world are vital in this composition. An analysis of significant events attributed to this Ireland-based dissident group prompted the student to underscore the undeniable impact it has on world security and on the containment of the trend of terrorism.The Oglaigh na hEireann or the Irish Republican Army (IRA) came into existence in the aim of Ireland’s unification and its liberation from the British rule.

Spearheaded by Michael Collins, from the remnants of the rebel forces dissolved after the 1916 Easter Rebellion, it was then primarily composed of Irish volunteers. The atrocious episode in Dublin on November 1920, known as the Bloody Sunday, was wreaked by the group as it’s seemingly ‘baptism of fire.’ The armed units fought the British troops during the 1919-1921 Irish War of Independence. The Sinn Fein Party became its major supporter and mother organization.In 1922, during the founding of the Irish Free State, IRA emerged as the fierce opposition influence to Ireland’s supremacy and the strongest worker for the separation of Northern Ireland.

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The group was deemed responsible for the countless bombings, raids and street riots on both sides of the Irish border (Derkins, 2003). At first, the group gained popular support and seen as effective in its crusade, until former IRA sponsor Eamon De Valera succeeded the nation’s leadership and internal misunderstandings and dissensions occurred. Its violent exploits (which harbored the agitation of authorities) and pro-German stance during the Second World War caused the lessened popularity of the troop.

As a consequence of IRA’s suppression, it became a secret society with a number of split organizations. From the 1950s to the 1990s, the emanation of the Official IRA, the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA has been documented.&nbsp.

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