Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Prevalence of Rhetorical Practices in the Development of Artwork.

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Prevalence of Rhetorical Practices in the Development of Artwork. The theoretical definition of design assumes that every artwork conforms to the dynamic preferences of distinct groups of users in society. Presumably, the evidence accrued after observing the modernist artistic effects on a cabinet (bookshelf) confirms the prevalence of rhetoric character in concept and reception. For instance, modernist artists embraced the construction of items to match the changes in society. It is realistic that the rhetoric concept is evident in the cabinet in its development from a series of chambers. The rectangular and square design of the item’s chambers implements the aspect of persuasion to the target group of users. The introduction of modernism to a generation that pursued academic and industrial activities in refurbishing the economic and technological aspects of the society influenced the cabinet’s design (Buchanan 17). It is significant to assume that the studio was confident of delivering satisfaction by developing the item.

Precisely, the item’s cuboids in rectangular and square forms provoked the character of utility in storing different resources at a domestic and commercial perspective. Since the cuboids vary in width and height, it is arguable that the design was essential in the provision of choices to the users in the course of utilizing the item’s space. The item’s artistic approach provokes the target users to pursue transparent and ethical activities in any of their life courses. The evidence accrued towards the argument is viewable in the item’s artistic use of straight wooden materials in different dimensions and measures (Margolin 97). Further, the inclusion of white and cream colors is a rhetorical aspect of persuading people on a certain course. The argument is that the coloring approach provokes the need for peace in the environment.

Different psychologists and philosophers argue the influence of color on emotional attributes and physical behavior as unprecedented. hence, the item’s color provoked the prevalence of peace in physical and psychological perspectives (Buchanan 19).

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