Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Latest Technology in Battery for Electrical Vehicles.

Complete 8 pages APA formatted article: Latest Technology in Battery for Electrical Vehicles. The vehicle technologies office has come up with numerous initiatives that focus on reducing the weight, cost, and volume of the batteries, while concurrently improving the performance of the electric vehicle batteries in terms of durability, energy, and power (Harris, 2012). The ability of these cells to tolerate cruel conditions is also improved. Besides light-duty vehicles, manufacturers of some heavy-duty vehicles are emulating hybridization of heavy and medium-duty vehicles to enhance fuel economy. Realizing the goals of these researchers in these areas as well as commercializing innovative energy storage technologies enables more individuals to buy and use these electric drive vehicles (Harris, 2012). Moreover, this latest technology in electric vehicle batteries helps the energy department to meet electric vehicle needs. This makes the United States the first nation globally, to produce affordable plug-in electric cars. This allows the average family in America to purchase such vehicles. The most vital part of electric vehicles is the battery that drives power (Harris, 2012). Conventional car batteries are commonly known as lead-acid batteries. These batteries have unlike efficiency levels (Harris, 2012). Typical lead-acid batteries required one to arrange maintenance and refilling of cells. On the other hand, sealed lead-acid batteries, need no maintenance since the cells are sealed hence no evaporation occurs.

The vehicle technology office focuses on three main areas of study in electric vehicle batteries (Jandura & Bukvic, 2013). The first area they pursue is the exploratory battery materials examination. Here, this office deals with fundamental issues concerning materials as well as electrochemical relations connected with lithium as well as beyond lithium batteries. The research seeks to create new and favorable materials, using innovative material models to simulate the standard batteries’ failures. Then, they make use of scientific diagnostic equipment and skills to gain an understanding of why systems and materials fail.

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