Compose a 1250 words assignment on issues on korean nationalism.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on issues on korean nationalism. Needs to be plagiarism free!

In these words, it can be understood that there was a form of awakening among the Korean people arising from their openness to external and internal influence that could have changed their independence status. Internal influence came from their willingness to embrace change that could facilitate the formation of the independence revolution. It is clear that some of the Korean elite class of scholars who obtained their education from abroad as well as other educated Koreans had the same perspective of empowering the Korean people for independence.

It is also clear that the American activists living in Korea might have a hand in the development of Korean pursuit for independence. The speaker is quoted mentioning the Christians from America to particularly having played an important role in the awakening of the Korean people (Pai, 160).From the above summary, the following points can also be enumerated, given the matters surrounding the rise of Korean cultural nationalism. Firstly, the influence of education that the Korean nationals obtained cannot be underestimated at the beginning of the sort of revolution that was to occur.

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Secondly, foreign influence can be pointed out as a direct influence in the manner in which the revolution started in Korea. Thirdly, the combination of these factors in the shaping of the Korean mentality about their independence can be explored as an important synergism perspective.Apparently, the Korean movement and revolution began with the exiled elite who endeared to have the whole of the Korean population throw its weight behind their independence quest. In Robinson (48), the author observes that the exiled group of nationalists set their differences aside from 1919.

With the inception of the Shanghai Provisional Government, it became increasingly possible to have a platform to incorporate and involve the exiled community for meaningful development. A government for the Koreans was set up but was to operate from exile, according to the author. From these developments highlighted by the&, it is evident that the influence of the discourse was strongly emanating from the outside of the country.

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