Compose a 1250 words assignment on the global warming of the planet.

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the global warming of the planet. Needs to be plagiarism free! Resultantly increased level of carbon mono oxide and carbon dioxide has caused global warming. Due to this effect glaciers are melting down. Cyclones and floods like tsunami are the consequences on one side and droughts on the other side.&nbsp.

Overconsumption of natural resources has been putting undue pressure on earth as a planet. Human habitats are being plundered of their natural resources base. Air and water pollution is rampant in all industrialized cities of the world. PPM (particulate matter per cubic meter of air) is alarmingly high and is no more fit for human breathing. The COD, BOD levels in freshwater streams are quite low for the survival of plant and animal life in waters. The soils are being badly damaged by excessive cropping. The precious animal and plant species are endangered. The CO2 level in the atmosphere is alarmingly high. Results are the global warming and climate change.&nbsp.

Therefore, the unnecessary lust of a few people for consumption of food, clothes, fuel, energy, and other scarcest resources has been resulting in poverty disease and death for many other fellow human beings. The rivers are gutted with filth, the air is laden with poisonous gases and soils are boiling with toxic materials. This situation is only due to greedily exploitation of the forest, fossil fuels, and food-based resources. The solution lies in finding the alternate resources that are cleaner in production, cheaper, and efficient.&nbsp.

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Deforestation is unabatedly continuing due to excessive consumption of wood and meat. Extensive demands for food, meat, eggs, milk, and hides have resulted in the biggest grazing farms in Europe. In this way levels of carbon dioxide are increasing and the earth is getting destroyed. The ozone layer is getting ruptured. Cancer and other environmental diseases are on the rise.&nbsp. In this unabated lust for food and resources, rivers and seawaters are getting polluted. Water pH levels are getting highly acidic. Chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demands (BOD) are not being met. Fish, crabs, tortoise, and other marine sources are being imbalanced. Biodiversity is getting tarnished. Fauna floras on earth and water resources are getting destroyed. Precious animal and plant species are getting into extinction. Plantations at a vast scale can reverse this situation. Therefore, the plantation of saplings can help a lot in improving the situation of the environment.

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