Compose a 1500 words assignment on a beautiful mind.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on a beautiful mind. Needs to be plagiarism free! John Forbes Nash, Jr.’s life story is the subject of a Hollywood movie entitled A beautiful mind. Such developments portrayed the extent of his fame. However, John Nash suffered from a unique mental illness that affected both his career and public life thereby compelling him to restructure his lifestyle as the discussion below portrays.

Nash began experiencing mental disturbances in 1959. He explained that at the time his wife was pregnant when began experiencing a change from a scientifically rational way of thinking to delusional thinking. Among the symptoms, he experienced included hallucinations since he reported hearing voices. He also experienced delusion and disorganization of both thought and speech. As his condition worsened, the symptoms strengthened to include impairment in social cognition and social withdrawal. The symptoms evolved to paranoia as he began feeling that some people posed meant to harm him. He could not identify the people yet the feeling kept intensifying (Brown, 2013).

He acquired an attitude of hatred and fear against people who wore red ties believing that such people were conspiring to kill. As such, he became withdrawn and could not work effectively.

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The symptoms affected his interactions with people thereby affecting his career. As a public figure, the various symptoms of mental illness made it difficult for him to work and further his researches in mathematics. Among the symptoms, that John Nash exhibited included a wide range of abnormal social behaviors (World Psychiatric Association Symposium on Depression in Schizophrenics, Williams & Dalby, 1989). Additionally, Nash could not recognize what was real and what was not. He portrayed signs of intense paranoia coupled with erratic behaviors. In his paranoia, he believed that every man in a red tie was part of a deep conspiracy that targeted him. He, therefore, avoided anyone in red ties and lived a life of fear. He for example wrote a number of letters to various embassies in Washington D.C reporting that a number of people that he did not identify were forming a parallel government. As the condition intensified, Nash avoided social gatherings a feature that affected both his career and his personal life. Other symptoms that Nash often portrayed included delusion, hallucinations, and disorganized thinking and speaking.

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