Compose a 2000 words assignment on directions and futures of the creative industries.

Compose a 2000 words assignment on directions and futures of the creative industries. Needs to be plagiarism free! It is a fact that creativity demands time and energy to come through because it is never seen as something which remains as a spur of the moment exercise. The creative industries emanate from the art and design quarters where their role is of immense significance. This is because art and design avenues make use of the creativity premise more often than not. The world of advertising, marketing and media have benefited tremendously well with the incorporation of the creativity tenet. This is because creativity has been known to make the product stand out in a league of its own. Not all marketers would agree to this premise yet somehow or the other, creativity wins the race even under the toughest of circumstances. The creative industries have a huge amount of potential within their fore. The need is to tap this potential for the best possible use within the world of advertising, communication, and media. The direction has already been provided by the movers and shakers of the advertising and media businesses who have relied a great deal on how creativity shall be treated and incorporated within the varied deliverables coming from the realms of business. This is the need of the hour as there is immense significance paid on the fact that creativity stands out and the potential customers or buyers of products and services understand this dictum more than anything else. This is so needed because it reflects positively on the minds and hearts of the people who matter the most within this line of business. They would go to any extent to make sure that creativity is apparent for them so that their product receives the limelight more often than not. The current and future potentials of the creative industries bank precisely on how well competencies have been drawn up. This suggests the immense growth and development that is taking place within the advertising and marketing scenarios these days.

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