Compose a 2750 words assignment on changes in future writing as journalism goes online.

Compose a 2750 words assignment on changes in future writing as journalism goes online. Needs to be plagiarism free! Online writing is emerging as a site where the majority of the empowered audience goes to search for news rather than the old way of using newspapers. In this, the article’s writer is not lagging behave not been left behind, they have altered in the types of feature to fit the demands of the growing online population. Alongside this, numerous chances for the writers to continue holding the impacts they had in news writing have emerged. The wave of the competitive nature of the writing in the online age is mainly changing the old writing transforming them into new. To reach and maintain the current audience, feature writing has improved substantially to fit into the modern era of media where the writing of news and articles is online.

When talking about online feature writing the first noticeable drastic change is the use of media in articles. It is a necessity for the writer of any feature to accompany it with appropriate media. This is in most cases the captivating photos making the news interesting attracting the masses to read the article (Karlsson and Strömbäck 23). In the online era, people need what will capture their eyesight and prompt them to attempt to read an article. If the feature is a research article the audience will read it to the specifics even if it lacks the attachments, otherwise they will just assume that it was supposed to be read. Therefore, the writer needs to be extra creative and come up with graphics and appropriate media (Karlsson and Strömbäck 24). Previously articles appeared in papers where any person who bought the paper could easily locate the article. In this, therefore the much media to attract the readers to the article was not that necessary. Either in the newspaper era, those much media could have taken place preserved for the advertisements as the size of the newspaper did not allow for other more media as it could make it look bulky.

Matching of an article with media has made many writers form an association with the popular freelancers. This creates a symbiotic relationship where the photographers and the writer both form a crew selling the news and the media to the audience at the same time (Abdulla et al. 13). This move, however, is more beneficial to the writer who performs the dual role of a photo man and a writer (Purcell et al. 23).

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