Compose a 3000 words assignment on comparison between cuba media system and western system.

Compose a 3000 words assignment on comparison between cuba media system and western system. Needs to be plagiarism free! There has also been an aspect of remains of the Spanish language, which was aimed at the consumption of by the population of Cuba. Ina similar situation, the offerings that are given out by the press on the island has been done with the division on those that are aimed at an international and domestic audience.

The situation of the press in Cuba is considered the most restrictive in Latin America. The restrictive aspect of the media has come about due to the accession by the Castro government. This has led to a lack of freedom of expression and the press on the island have had lacked freedom. The regime of Castro has maintained a monopoly on information throughout the nation, removing the property linked to independent media, and maintaining a policy of constant suppression (Brenner, 2008).

According to journalist Jose Marti on April 13, in Cuba, the government does the funding of the television stations. This is what has restricted the development of independent TV stations. Restrictions in what is to be passed through the media are minimal but the television stations work with the aim of satisfying those that fund their activities, which is the government. The policy that is followed by media in Cuba is that of education which is considered ethics in Cuban television stations. The entertainment perspective of Cuban media is not restricted to the people but it is hidden from the people. Entertainment in this aspect is for the needs of people in the country.

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The nature of the audience from Cuba has also been found to be complex. In an estimation that was done by the United States government, it was found out that the population was growing at a high rate with a more complicated ethical mix (Brenner, Jiménez, Kirk & LeoGrande, 2007). In the population, 37% were found to be of European descendants, 11% being of African descendants, and 51% of the population being from mixed races. Without the consideration of slavery in the country, Cuban society has significance in race issues, which is less than that which is in the United States.

In the country, the journalists that are employed by the state are considered the voice of the Cuban government. Journalism is restricted to the content that they are to give out and the styles that they should use in bringing out the issues that are in the government (Brenner, Jiménez, Kirk & LeoGrande, 2007).

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