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Man and Chimpanzees Scientists studying evolution theories prove the relationship between man and apes. According to theories of evolution, man and apes had common origins. The theory forms the basis of Goodall’s TED talk. Goodall probes the diverse cultures that exists between humans and apes such as the chimpanzees. She bases her findings from Ecuador, Tanzania and Japan among other places in the world. Goodall brings out the cultural behaviour of the people of Ecuador while making comparison to those of chimpanzees.

From Goodall’s findings, there are humans who have paints on their faces in the Ecuador tropical rain forest. They also had feathers in their headdresses. Noteworthy is that these humans fought to keep their way of life. They protected their uncontaminated land and maintained their culture. Surprisingly, they were enthusiastic to acquire knowledge of new things including the use of computers and solar panels to pump water up to the villages. Goodall’s findings were innovative than any other form of research on humans and apes.

According to Goodall, both chimpanzee and humans can use technology. The local tribe in Ecuador struggles to keep up with the new technology (Goodall 1). This is depicted form the chief with his headdress using a laptop. The same technology is applicable in educating non-human animals. This is evident in the case of Ai that shows fascination with her laptop. Whenever Ai had an awful score, she immediately starts again and tries. Similarly, this is a major character among humans. Humans tend to repeat things over again when they make mistakes. According to Goodall’s findings, chimpanzees can adapt to the culture of using technology similar to the tribes in Ecuador forests. Ai is a chimpanzee that can use a computer, for instance.

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Humans use language to communicate. Language use, however, varies from Japanese, English and Chinese among other groups. Similarly, the chimpanzees also have their own language used for communication. For instance, they salute each other using particular signs. Chimpanzees, therefore, use sign language like human beings (Goodall 1). Humans in Ecuador have devices that simplify their work and make it easy. They use the solar panel to pump water to their homes, for example. This eases work for women since they do not have to fetch water manually. The chimpanzees’ also have their own way to ease work. Notably, chimpanzees use grass to aid in pulling insect from the holes before they feed on them.

Besides their linkages, Goodall notes one major difference between humans and chimpanzees. Contrary to chimpanzees, humans cover their bodies using clothing. In the tropical rain forest, for instance, the local community members have headdresses to cover themselves. Chimpanzees, on the other hand, walk uncovered.

In conclusion, Goodall argues that humans and apes exhibit similarities on several bases. Apes demonstrate the ability to learn and do similar things to humans. Goodall proves that apes can use simple technology to ease their work and have sign language, as well. Humans can also do this just like the apes. However, there is a major difference in the sense that human technology is more complex than that used by apes.

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