Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses microsoft customer immersion experience.

Create a 13 pages page paper that discusses microsoft customer immersion experience. Customer immersion has been discussed in detail due to its extreme importance for an organization and what application does it have in pharmaceutical organizations. In the latter part of the essay, general findings derived from the concept of open innovation have been shared. INTRODUCTION AND THE BASIC CONCEPT Open innovation is the growing idea throughout the world and many businesses are deploying their efforts to take advantage of this concept for their business development and growth. The concept of open innovation is based on the idea that firms should and can use both external and as well as internal ideas, and also external and internal ways to market, in order to enhance their technology (Chesbrough, 2003). The basic idea behind the concept is that no firm can progress in isolation, in this world of advancement, firms should or can make alliances with an external party either to create something innovative or to engage in some activity that promotes innovation (Chesbrough, 2006). This approach allows a firm to take us from an external source thus it is known as an open innovation concept. For example, a firm can create an internal idea and then that idea can be marketed through external innovative channels to create something of value. THE CONCEPT OF CLOSED INNOVATION In contrast to the concept of open innovation, previously firms were much reliant on the idea of closed innovation, which was basically a secrecy approach of innovation, where a firm was self-reliant for generating, developing and marketing its own idea. This approach of innovation required much control and there was a heavy emphasis on the R&D department of such organizations (Gassmann, 2006). Closed innovative firms are much dependent on their internal capabilities and strengths only for idea generation. Firms operating in nuclear industries are mostly working in the closed innovation environment. HOW OPEN INNOVATION WORKS Open innovation realizes the fact, that each participant possesses something of value and something that is unique and if the strengths of two or more such parties are linked then these can overcome the threat of external market environment and can capitalize a market opportunity better than the one done by a single participant alone. Firms operating in an open innovation environment are dependent on both internal as well as on external sources for idea generation. Business practices such as licensing or joint ventures can be used as a source of gaining access to external ideas or practices. Movies are mostly made with collaborative efforts thus they can be regarded as an example of the open innovation process (Van de Vrande, et al., 2009). Organizations based on the model of open innovation focuses on maintaining strong relations with external parties at various stages of innovation development processes. Through this business model, open innovation businesses are exposed to various external ideas sources through their clients, suppliers, distributors, research institutes, government, competitors, researchers, and academic institutes. These organizations have an open boundary that always welcomes the inflow of ideas because of which new areas for revenue generation are created (Chesbrough, Vanhaverbeke, & West, 2008).