Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses changing context of workforce planning and labour market change.

Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses changing context of workforce planning and labour market change. The report indicates that the LFS essentially tracks two different types of teleworkers, including those working in their premises and those working in particular places like on the train, at their client’s homes, or in the cars. However, all the two types of teleworking services use the home comfort as their primary setups. In 2005, the majority of teleworkers worked in several places but used the home as their center. The number represents a whopping 1.8 million out of a total 2.4 million. These figures just demonstrate how the labor market is vigorously shifting from the more demanding contractual basis to the less critical self-employment context.

There are several factors central to the sudden change in the labor market context. The first primary aspect is the advancement in technology. The new skills and equipment have revolutionized and redefined the entire workforce because it has brought a range of capabilities that were initially far-fetched. For example, in the case study, the rise of computers and telephones has changed the game because it has made work easier for builders. They can efficiently execute particular duties at home and at the same time communicate with clients. This scenario contrasts the traditional white-collar-job setup that requires an employee to link remotely with the employer.

Apart from technology, several other reasons perhaps drive employees away from the customary right jobs, hence making home based work more appealing and convenient. First, some contracts are not guaranteed.

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