Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses main aspects of influence on fashion.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses main aspects of influence on fashion. Most movie stars are idolized and what they trend comes a long way to influence fashion. Many will tend to be pulled towards appreciating fashion and associate it with celebrities. The last three months have seen how Nyongo’s influential aspect has affected fashion on the red carpet with many celebrities opting for Micaela for their designs. Just like fashion itself the celebrity nature of any given artist and movie star may change as people will tend to shift towards new trending and emerging celebrities for fashion inspiration.

It is evident how celebrities influence fashion. The media plays a role in ensuring that these celebrities gain popularity. Those idolizing these celebrities will adapt their ways of life and fashion hence impacting the fashion trend as was the case of the Oscar award winner. Upcoming designers will use this platform to design their fashion pieces and they will be flexible and will adjust to changes in the entertainment industry.

After the Arab Spring in North Africa and the Middle East, the Muslim supported extremist sponsored candidates to elective post. They introduced sharia laws. This included the code of dressing. These saw protest among locals. Many choose to protest these moves by wearing green ribbons in a bid to push reforms in the government (McCarty, 2014). This saw Zamalek football team members add green ribbons on their team jerseys, their supporters also joined in this movement.

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In countries that religion rules and dominated their thinking, fashion is determined by these laws and teachings. Other fashions may be considered unacceptable due to their relation and way of display. Religion is a core factor of any given individual and their choice to appreciate fashion is guided by the core values of religion. In some religions wearing revealing clothes is considered unethical. Others use religion as their inspiration while designing thus the unique nature of a given piece while determining the nature at&nbsp.which it gets the desired market share. Marketing and promotion are vital while selling ideas.&nbsp.

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