Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses synergy between professionals in schools and institutions of social services.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses synergy between professionals in schools and institutions of social services.

On the other hand, the social worker believed that Harry was not emotionally impaired and could not be certified as an emotionally impaired person as this could affect the rest of his life. The social worker concluded from his assessment that Harry was rather a happy little Kid.Also, the partnership between the teachers and the social worker was exhibited by a conflict of interest. That is, was the teachers wanted or required to save Harry’s situation was different from the requirements or the needs of the social worker.

Specifically, conflicting interest occurred when one of the teachers suggested that Harry should have been certified as an emotionally impaired person. This was rejected by the social worker, who described Harry as a happy little child, who is not emotionally impaired.The cause of the challenges was majorly due to incidences of conflicting ideas as well as conflict of interest. These conflicts led to time wastage about the implementation of the program that was formulated to assist Harry to recover from his condition.

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Because the social worker rejected Harry’s teacher proposition that could certify him as an emotionally impaired person, he dropped the program that had been formulated by the social worker to facilitate Harry’s recovery.From the teacher’s perspective, it seems time constraint was another challenge that was faced in the process of solving Harry’s challenges. He had predicted that Harry should have recovered by the end of three months, a prediction that was not provided by the social worker.

This challenge can be attributed to the fact that the school curriculum is meant to be covered within a specific period, hence the suggestion of the teacher that Harry is certified an emotionally impaired does not recover fully by the end of three months.Another pertinent challenge that seems to have characterized the situation could be associated with the&nbsp.

processes of solving the incidences of conflict between the teacher and the social worker.