Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses rastafari: roots and ideology.

Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses rastafari: roots and ideology. Haile Selassie is seen as Jah Rastafari or Jah by most of the people who believe in the ideologies of Rastafarian. Haile Selassie is considered by others simply just the king on earth who has been chosen by God while others view him as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The Rastafari movement has its fundamentals based on various themes such as the rejection of the ideals of western society, known as Babylon, and the spiritual use of cannabis. Cannabis is believed to be beneficial and natural herb which through smoking forms part of worship. Babylon is believed to be the white political structure that has been oppressing the black races for many years (Chevannes, p.34). They believe that blacks have become poor, and illiterate due to the trickery of the white man. Africa is known as Zion and is believed to be the original birthplace of mankind. The call to repatriation to Africa has been central to the theme of Rastafari as they would like most or all the slaves who forced out of Africa into exile by the West need to return to their original place of birth. The theme of royalty is also profound in Rastafari as its believers see themselves as African Royalty. Rastafari also embraces various Pan-African and Afrocentric political and social aspirations, such as the teachings and sociopolitical views of Jamaican organizer, black nationalist, and publicist Marcus Garvey who is often regarded as a prophet. Marcus Garvey plays a vital role in the formation of Rastafarianism as he prophesied that a black messiah would be born in Africa. As it turned out in 1930 Ras Tafari the prince became an Emperor in Ethiopia. This led to many people believing he was the black messiah who had been prophesied by Marcus Garvey.

Rastafari is viewed as an ideology and a movement but not a highly organized religion. Its believers see it as just a way of life and not a religion. That is why several Rastas do not claim any denomination or sect, thus encouraging one another to always find inspiration and faith within themselves (Chevannes, p. 123). The most prominent inspiration mansions of Rastafari are the twelve tribes of Israel, Bobo Ashanti, and Nyahbinghi. Bobo Shanti’s order was founded in 1958 by Prince Emanuel Edwards which focuses on the need of the African daughters and sons to return to Africa where they rightfully belong to.

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