Create a thesis and an outline on Why kids attract towards animation and 3d animated films. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Why kids attract towards animation and 3d animated films. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Why Kids are Attracted to Animations Animation has many definitions, but the word depends on the context in which it is used, however, the fundamental principle is that animation is made of art and craft creations. Zhang et al (2010, p. 563) define animation as a process by which inanimate objects create movements. Mayer (2005, p. 287) further defines animations to be a sequence of changing images presented in motion according to user actions that help the audience to perceive and develop mental models of illustration.Kids form the main market for animations and 3d animated films since they are highly attracted to them because of their appeal and visualizations, amongst other reasons.

Bentrancourt and Chassot (2008, p. 3) highlight that the fundamental reason why kids are attracted towards animated films is due to the visualizations they create, which helps in overall understanding of situations. Further, it is claimed that animations are very helpful for kids because they enhance memory of the animated information which later aids to advance comprehension of various situations depicted by the animations. Therefore, it is observed that animations are attractive to children because they create memorization and comprehension of whatever subject they illustrate.

Moreover, kids are attracted to animations and 3d animated films because they are funny and entertaining to watch. Therefore, they are very appealing, humorous, motivating and most often capture children’s attention. In their tender age and little comprehension abilities, kids get bored when watching television, hence, they are usually inclined to watch more fun and entertaining programs than TV programs, which are mostly in the form of animations (Shanghai Jianghong Gifts, 2008). For example, if children were doing their homework at home and an adult was watching news, they are likely not to develop any interest in the TV. However, if the channel is changed to a cartoon program, the kids will lose interest in the homework and will be motivated to watch TV. This proves that kids are attracted towards animated films because they are fun and entertaining to watch.

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In addition, kids are attracted to animation films because animations use space in representing elements in their relations. In this case, animations create characters that kids are able to relate to and themes which make character differences and this attracts them to watch animated films. Therefore, when kids watch animated films, they also develop favourite characters who might be good in the film. Hence, this will give the kids a character to look up to, and this may create a sense of what the kids want to become in the future (Shanghai Jianghong Gifts, 2008).

The other reason why kids are attracted towards animations and 3d animated films is because they help the kids to learn easily about matters in the real world. It is supported by the fact that kids surrounding might not offer the best ground for supplying their intellectual needs in the real world. Hence, kids will be attracted to turn to TV animated films to satisfy this need. This is because kids will easily learn in an imaginary world of what the real world out there is like, and in the process they become attracted to animated films.

Furthermore, kids are attracted towards 3d animated films because these films capture attention and curiosity of their viewers. Naturally, children are susceptible to attention which 3d animation films create through facial expressions, voice, body movements and colors (Shanghai Jianghong Gifts, 2008). The ease in understanding things and topics in the animated films makes them attractive to children because they are consistent in content.

Lastly, animated films are attractive to kids because they provoke the kids towards enhanced thinking (Shanghai Jianghong Gifts, 2008). Thus, animations portray positive and negative elements or characters, and they provide details which assist the kids to learn. Consequently, these animations allow children to think about the plot and logic which facilitates thinking from the negative and positive perspectives.


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