End of Course Reflection CD 453 Curriculum Activities for Young Children End of Course Reflection Introduction The end of any course should bring with it a sense of cumulative experience, the idea is

End of Course Reflection CD 453 Curriculum Activities for Young ChildrenEnd of Course ReflectionIntroductionThe end of any course should bring with it a sense of cumulative experience, the idea is that several months’ worth of hard work has helped you grow and be better equipped to provide quality, developmentally appropriate and engaging learning experiences for young children. Students will, using various course materials, write a reflection that analyzes and discusses what and how they learned about the importance of understanding how to plan, create, implement, and analyze early childhood learning activities and curriculum for children ages birth through kindergarten.InstructionsCD 453 End of Course Reflection InstructionsActionsStudents will:Review the course syllabus and select at least 3 different assignments for the reflection.Identify resources associated with each assignment including (but not limited to): the course syllabus, the course readings, course assignments, discussion board prompts/posts, and any feedback from the professor and peers to support to identify at least 3 different assignments completed in class.Using the assignments and resources, write a two to three-page course reflection that addresses the following for each assignment:Technical details:This assignment is worth 20 pointsThe reflection should be two to three pages and clearly reflects the students learning over the course of the semesterFor each selected assignment the student should address each of the four questions and refer to resources associated with each assignment.APA should be used for citations and a reference page should be included

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