Explain Friedman’s arguments about social responsibility

Explain Friedman’s arguments about social responsibility

Explain Friedman’s arguments about social responsibility

Please answer one question from any 3 sections (1-1.5 pps. per question, 3-5 total).

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1) Explain Friedman’s arguments about social responsibility?

2) Compare and contrast Milton Friedman on the social responsibility of business and Michael McFarland on the social responsibility of engineers.

3) Evaluate Vanasupa et al’s arguments for fostering social responsibility in the classroom.



4) Explain the progressive safety concerns and challenges airbags saw in their early implementation. (hint use dates).

5) Explain the safety concerns in the 2010 Toyota Prius and Lexus Hs250h models. Are the design engineers morally responsible for the resulting accidents? Why or why not?

6) Compare and contrast McFarland, Perrow, and Martin and Schinzinger on ways to make engineering safer.


7) Do we owe it to our employer to be loyal to our work? Why or why not?

8) From your reading, what are good and bad ways of defining loyalty? Why?

9) The ‘Coast Guard’ video shows an engineering whistle-blowing in public via Youtube. According to DeGeorge and/or other authors is the engineer a) morally permitted, b) obligated to whistle-blow?


10) What are the fundamental changes Catalano would like to see made to ABET criteria? Evaluate his arguments.

11) Compare and Contrast Haws’ and Catalano’s ideas about how to teach Engineering Ethics with the way this class was run. Evaluate which is “better.” Why?

12) What is just war theory? Evaluate arguments such as Fichtelberg’s that just war theory should apply to engineers or engineering.

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