For assignment length, estimate between 2000-2500 words (about 4-5 pages, double spaced). Objective:This assignment builds on the Demographic Profile to establish what public agency (or agencies), adv

For assignment length, estimate between 2000-2500 words (about 4-5 pages, double spaced).Objective:This assignment builds on the Demographic Profile to establish what public agency (or agencies), advocacy groups, and/or community-based organizations are involved with addressing a current public health concern the student is researching to complete their Community Health Initiative final assignment.Description and Definitions: Stakeholders are actors (persons or organizations) with a vested interest in some policy being promoted. These stakeholders, or “interested parties,” can include public agencies themselves, community-based advocacy or interest groups, church and other fellowship organizations, local school administrations/teachers/students/parents/families, etc.Stakeholder analysis is a process of systematically gathering and analyzing pertinent stakeholder information to determine whose interests should be taken into account when developing and/or implementing a policy or program. Pertinent information includes knowledge of the policy issue or program, interests related to the policy issue or program, position for or against the policy issue or program, potential alliances with other stakeholders, and ability to influence how a policy is formulated and carried out (through power and/or leadership).Instructions: Based on the definitions given above, try to identify and locate stakeholders tied to the interest area you identified with your Demographics Profile. You can start this with a web search with keywords including “[your topic interest]” and “[service providers near you]”. You can also start by reaching out to the county public health agency or affiliate organization designated for the county within which your community interest is located.Once you’ve located even just one stakeholder, ask that actor for information on who else you need to know about who is involved and how to contact them. From there, repeat. You’ll know all of the stakeholders very quickly this way.Once you’ve identified pertinent stakeholders, write up a summary for each actor of the key characteristics listed below.Name/title of person/organizationRole played by person/organization (could be a leadership role, advising role, advocacy role, direct service role, or other)How long they’ve been involvedWhat other, if any, health-related issues/initiatives/services the actor is involved with.Any other attributes you think are pertinent.

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