Goal: Develop your ideas and intentions. Type in brief descriptions for each of

Goal: Develop your ideas and intentions.
Type in brief descriptions for each of the listed items below:
1) TOPIC AND EXPOSITION Write a paragraph that includes,
a) Your videos’s subject (person, environment, social issue, etc)?
b) Expository information(necessary factual or other background information)?
2) OUTLINE OF SEQUENCES. Write a brief paragraph on each sequence that shows the character, an event, or an activity. Include:
a) How the expected sequence starts, what its action is, and how it finishes?
b) What information or persuasion it contributes to the documentary?
3) MAIN CHARACTER. Write about the main character, including:
a) The person’s identity—name, relationship to others in video—and their qualities?
b) What he or she contributes to your video’s story?
c) What this character wants to get, do or solve (the goal) in relation to the situation?
a) What conflict the characters know they are playing out?
b) What other important conflict you can see or likely to emerge?
5) CAMERA INTERVIEWS. Try not to rely on “talking heads.” Well-recorded voice tracks however provide good voice-over narration or interior monologue.
a) Provide name, age, gender?
b) Job, profession, or role?
c) Main elements that your interview will seek to establish?
6) STYLE. Shooting or editing style. YOUR IMAGE SYSTEM.
a) Type of documentary you are making, and how this might affect the video’s style?
b) Narration (if there is to be any, and by whom)?
c) Style of camerawork and what it suggests?
d) Lighting moods and what they suggest?
7) STRUCTURE. Describe:
a) What elements, processes, events, or seasons might structure the documentary?
b) What will probably constitute the climactic point in your story?
8) RESOLUTION. Video endings determine most of their final impact, so describe:
a) Changes your characters will probably undergo, and your video’s ending?
b) What meaning the ending would mean for the audience?
a) What are your background and interests that impels you to make this video?
Explain your energy, passion, and commitment to stay the course and make an outstanding documentary.

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Type in brief descriptions for each of appeared first on School Core.

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