Healthy behavior. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Healthy Behavior A good manager pays attention to many aspects of the organization such as management, leadership and organizational learning.

I will pay for the following article Healthy behavior. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Healthy Behavior A good manager pays attention to many aspects of the organization such as management, leadership and organizational learning. Management involves delegating authority and responsibilities to other people in the organization to ensure organizational goals are met. Therefore, success in management is concerned with healthy behavior between managers and organizational stakeholders. In order to assure success, Healthfield (n.d) suggests seven ways, which a manager can use to ensure success in campaigns. The first step is to build effective interpersonal relationships with other people. As a manager, I would ensure that there is respect, caring, collaboration and trust, which should be upheld to ensure success of the campaign.

Secondly, ensure effective communication in the organization and between you and the customers, to promote a better understanding of what is to be done during the campaign. The manager should listen to other people effectively and ensure that whatever message he communicates reaches other people effectively. In addition, feedback should be encouraged in order to improve positive interactions, and this will help to assure success of the campaign project (Healthfield, n.d.). The third step to assure campaign program success is to build a team inside and outside the organization for the target audiences (Healthfield, n.d.). thus, this will enable the members in the project to collaborate effectively with each other. Building a team will help to ensure that people feel as part of the project and will become effective.

The fourth step in assuring success in the program is to understand the financial aspects of the campaign project (Healthfield, n.d.). This will help in setting goals and metrics to measure success in the society’s program. The next step involves creating morale in the team of target audiences and employees. therefore, one should promote an environment in which people feel motivated to carry on their duties, and audiences to be involved in the campaign. There should also be recognition of the society members’ effort towards success of the campaign (Healthfield, n.d). The second last step that can be used in assuring success, is leading by example. thus, the manager should lead by participating in the daily activities of the campaign project. The last step is to help the society’s members to develop and grow their capability and skills through learning and education. This will promote future success of the society where the skills might be needed in project implimentation (Healthfield, n.d).

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However, the other methods can be used to ensure success in campaigns such as making a strategy, which is simple and tangible (Allen & Economy, 2010), this will ensure that there is a clear strategy on how to achieve objectives of the project. The second step is to ensure that the forecasts, which the society is planning to achieve with the strategy, have some assumptions (Allen & Economy, 2010). These assumptions should be in line with conditions in the market and the competences of the society.

The third method is to ensure that corporate or executives and the functional employees agree on issues and campaign plans (Allen & Economy, 2010). This will ensure that the assumptions previously made on the financial forecasts are achievable. The fourth step is to decide the amounts of resources to be used in the strategy this will ensure success in the strategy since the resources will assist in the execution of the strategy. The next step is to set priorities, which are agreeable between all members, moreover, one should establish tactics depending on the available resources and execute the most preferred strategies first (Allen & Economy, 2010).

The second last step is to plan monitoring drivers of performance regularly. moreover, these drivers include sales levels, enrollment rates, occupancy rates and turnover rates. This will ensure that one can respond effectively to deviations of strategies implemented. The last method is to use a reward system on the members who have the responsibility of implementing plans and for the target audiences. Therefore, this will act as an incentive towards the objectives of the campaign such as enrolling many members as possible. Allen and Economy (2010) suggest that there are four basic metrics, which can be used and executed to ensure success of the society’s projects. The first one is the leading measures, which are concerned with looking at the immediate outcomes of a strategy. This method measures defects, time taken for delivery of service to members, cycle times and break-even time (Allen & Economy, 2010). In addition, this method provides information on efficiency and effectiveness of the strategy towards success. The second metric is the lagging measures, which are concerned with outcomes of completed tasks over a certain period. They include earnings, revenue, and satisfaction of customers, cash flow and market share (Allen & Economy, 2010). thus, this provides data on the effectiveness of a product or the process of health behavior campaign.

The third metric that can be used to measure success of a campaign project is the internal measures (Allen & Economy, 2010). These measures are concerned with determining the effectiveness of the campaign project. In addition, this method uses design costs, material costs and all costs associated with the product. It also uses non-cost based measures such as time used in design, and in time delivery percentages. The last method that can be used is the external measures, which are concerned with the performance of the society in the market environment during campaign implementation. Cost based measures like research and development expenditures and costs of labor, and non-cost based measures like the referral numbers and complaints incidents can be used (Allen & Economy, 2010).


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