I Need Help in Design and administer a questionnaire on obesity to a sample of 20 people.2022-06-10 19:53:41

Design and administer a questionnaire on obesity to a sample of 20 people. By now, you should have received a number of completed questionnaires. Instructions For this assignment, you are required to input and analyze the results from your questionnaire and write up a report. The word count is 3,000 words. You will input and examine the responses in SPSS, and write up the research report on the basis of the APA style. Please follow the next steps in completing the assignment. Open an SPSS file and input the data from your questionnaires on obesity. Analyze descriptive statistics on the demographic characteristics of your respondents. Analyze your data on the basis on what you have learned in the Units so far (Units 1-5) in order to address your research hypotheses. Report all of your data on the basis of APA style. Interpret and discuss your findings. Write up your report. You MUST upload your SPSS data file along with your Report. Your Appendices MUST include the output from SPSS. What to include You will write up your findings in the style of a scientific report following APA referencing. You should include the following: Abstract (approx. 250 words) – overview of the study, background, method, analysis, approach and discussion including implications of the research. Introduction (approx.800 words) – Provide an overview to the topic of obesity, identify key approaches and studies in the area, identify a gap in the existing literature in which you frame your rationale for the current study. Identify your research question(s) which you will answer in your analysis. Materials and Procedure (approx.600 words) – Include information relating to the sample size, materials (methods of data collection), discussion on method/s of data analysis including ethical considerations (such as: data protection, confidentiality/anonymity). Results (approx.850 words) – describe your data by providing appropriate measures of central tendency. Use Tables and Graphs (APA format) – these will have to be edited before being included in the Report to make sure the information presented is clear and succinct with relevant data labels. Explain your choice of statistical analysis (you can use your research question(s) as subheadings to help structure this part). Discussion (approx.500 words) – Explain, evaluate and interpret the findings linking the core findings to the literature presented in the introduction. You must include a critique of the study, including its applications in the real world (i.e. policy implications), limitations and recommendations for future research. A conclusion is provided which summarises the key findings. References – APA style. Appendices – Include all SPSS outputs. It is highly recommended that you also include a blank copy of your questionnaire and your participant information sheet and consent form. Learning Outcomes Critique the logic behind the research hypothesis and the role that it plays in designing studies, analysing data and interpreting those findings. Differentiate between the different research designs in quantitative research. Logically handle and interpret data generated through each of those methods. Organise and compose a scientific paper to the standards of the American Psychological Association. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical theory relevant to social science research. Plan, gain ethical approval and/or conduct research which demonstrates consideration for the protection of research participants and adheres to the principles of the British Psychological Society

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