I Need Help in Develop and submit a staffing plan with a budget forecast ($2 million caps) to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).2022-06-10 09:54:56

Develop and submit a staffing plan with a budget forecast ($2 million caps) to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). It should include: A memo explaining your approach that addresses at a minimum your identified primary threats (top 5), needed mitigations strategies, and personnel staffing focus. Note – memos are not just bulletized lists, you need narrative explanation in there too. Guidance on memo writing can be found at: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/subject_specific_writing/professional_technical_writing/memos/sample_memo.html a.A line-item budget forecast modeled from the Table 8.4 template in the textbook (page 269). Include the personnel costs and expenses sections. List each specific position with employee burden (salary plus benefits; 38% for this assignment). Use annual costs, not quarterly, and refer to the week 2 lecture for review if needed. ADDITIONAL GUIDANCE: 1.Use the staffing guidelines in the textbook (page 301) to ensure you hire enough people for 24/7 positions if applicable. 2.Provide a short explanation of expertise in your memo. Nothing too detailed, but things such as your compliance specialist must be familiar with NIST guidelines, or an explanation if your security guards will be armed for a tactical defense if needed or just a person with a clipboard checking IDs? Use online resources and job search websites (such as Indeed, LinkedIn jobs, Salary.com, and DOL statistics to name a few) to add accurate salary forecasts for each position. 3.Focus only on the people side this week. The week 4 assignment is a staffing plan. Part 2/3 (week 5) will account for technology needs and capital purchases. 4.This should be a professional document package put together in a clear and orderly fashion with proper spell-checking and vetted information. No reference page is needed on this one, but you do need to note where you obtained your salary data (list as a note at the bottom of your line-item budget where applicable. 1.–Final Project Scenario The Scenario: In March of 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, a small data management services and consulting company (DMC Inc.) located just north of Austin outside Georgetown, TX shut down the corporate office and opted for all employees to work from home (about 10 people, mostly in staff functions). At the same time, on-site operations of their remote data center were restricted to essential personnel only supported by a contract company that provided engineering services and building maintenance as needed. The IT staff, including data management personnel and consultants, also transitioned to working from home when possible. Now, in June of 2022, the efforts of the sales staff over the pandemic paid off and using a few connections they were able to secure a lucrative project involving the collaboration of several government entities (a think tank innovation study to solve supply chain disruptions associated with gaps and shortfalls in the countries aging transportation infrastructure). This contract required the company to increase capacity at the data center location to provide office and workspace for all employees including staff, IT data management and consulting personnel, and the incoming think tank work group personnel (the data center is state of the art and meets all requirements for operation). It also required a rapid increase in security staff and capability and ALL employees to return to the office complex and begin work on-site full time. The DMC location was chosen because it is intentionally not military and no one agency will maintain primary oversight of the project. All collaboration and work will be done on-site and in person between a very select group of experts (about 15) and the data produced will be maintained and protected solely by DMC. The property surrounding the facility (mostly rolling hills farmland) has been purchased to allow for isolation and privacy (about 50 acres). A single winding driveway from a 2-lane road about 5 miles out of town provides the only property access. The office and data center is in the center of the property with a parking area adjacent to the building. There is no fence on the front of the property (along the road), but the remaining 3 sides are barbwire fencing with pasture and brush on the other side. There is no clear line of site to the building from anywhere except at the access point on the main road in. You have been hired as a new Chief Security Officer (CSO) and asked to establish and maintain a security program to mitigate risk across 3 primary areas of operation including: (1)Facility engineering: All personnel must now be full-time employees so engineering services must be handled in house. The project requires a person on-site 24/7 to handle climate control functions and you have been asked to staff this function as part of your new security department (mitigation of natural threats: humidity, storms, power loss, etc.) (2)Data protection: The current IT staff and consultants are sufficient for handling data management for this project and other operations outside of the contract; however, the new think tank contract requires the addition of a dedicated cybersecurity analyst and a NIST capable compliance specialist at a minimum. (3) 24/7 on-site physical security: Property access, building access, and emergency response capability are a requirement of the new project contractual agreement and must be part of your new program. SM 6360 – Assignment for Week 4 – Part 1 of 3: Read textbook chapters 8 & 9 before beginning. Helpful sections for this assignment include: Pages 266 – 270 Budgeting for a Security Department Pages 285 – 289 Proprietary/Contractor Debate Pages 289 – 290 Core Expectations of Security Officers Pages 299 – 302 Proprietary Security Services

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