I Need Help in Discuss The Aviation industry and its prominent inventions.2022-06-18 03:22:17

Discuss The Aviation industry and its prominent inventions. The Boeing 707 into commercial travel also introduces the Jet Age in commercial aviation. This became the beginning of more extensive, faster, and more efficient air travel for the masses. Another innovation that helped shape air travel for the future was the Bell X-1; in 1945, the Bell X-1 was the first aircraft to exceed the speed of sound. Finally, NASA developed the “Friendship 7”, a spacecraft that took part in Mercury-atlas 6 space flight mission which took the first American, John Glenn, to orbit. References Anne Marie Millbrooke. (2006). Aviation history. Jeppesen. Burgess, C. (2015). Friendship 7: the epic orbital flight of John H. Glenn, Jr. Springer. Carlson, M. (2021, October 14). Bell X-1: Dropping the Orange Beast That Broke the Sound Barrier. HistoryNet. https://www.historynet.com/bell-x-1-dropping-the-orange-beast/ Garber, S. (2010). Friendship 7 – Home. Nasa.gov. https://history.nasa.gov/friendship7/ Hallion, R. P. (2009). Flight and motion: the history and science of flying. 1, Aerobatics-balloon. 2, Barnstorming-fuel. 3, Future of aviation-missile. 4, Mitchell-space probe. 5, Space race-Wright, Orville and Wilbur. M.E. Sharpe, Cop. Villamizar, H. (2021, October 26). Today in Aviation: Pan Am’s Boeing 707 Ushers the Jet Age. Airwaysmag.com. https://airwaysmag.com/pan-ams-boeing-707-ushers-the-jet-age/ Willingham, F., & Simons, G. M. (2019). Review of Boeing 707 Group: A History, Simons Graham M. Air Power History, 66(1), 56–57. https://www.jstor.org/stable/26652297

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