I Need Help in Explain why Utilitarianism is a form of Consequentialism?2022-06-11 03:01:30

1. Explain why Utilitarianism is a form of Consequentialism?
2. Explain why utilitarianism is a form of hedonism?
3. What is the greatest happiness principle/principle of utility?
4. How does Mill respond to the objection that to say that pleasure is the summum bonum is degrading to human nature?
5. Mill claims that higher pleasures are more pleasurable and more desirable than the lower ones. What does he say is the proof of this?
6. What does Mill say is the ultimate sanction of the greatest happiness mortality?
7. Why is it difficult, if not impossible to prove the first principle?
8. Explain why education is such an important topic in Mills moral philosophy?

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