I Need Help in Identify a “problem” (something that could benefit from a green initiative)2022-06-24 19:54:51

Canvas Discussion Board Final Report Due (with “product” and optional news release): June 25, 2022, at 12:00 p.m. (midnight) via Canvas We will not have a peer review for this assignment, although you are certainly free to seek advice or review from a classmate or the Writing Center For this final assignment, you will identify an organization (such as we saw in the video clips in our announcements on Canvas) that would benefit from a specifically targeted “green” initiative. The choice of organization, as well as the means of taking a small step in environmental sustainability, is up to you as an individual. The video clip featuring Marriott Hotels is more recent and focuses on straws, shower products, etc. The Rush Hospital clip dates back about a decade yet has a lot of useful ideas. You will want to focus (for the sake of brevity) on just one targeted topic (for example: single use napkin dispensers). As you research, organize, draft, and prepare your report, keep in mind the following from our assigned textbook readings:  Identify a “problem” (something that could benefit from a green initiative)  Consider a possible causes(s) – I will explain on Announcements on Canvas  Consider a possible solution(s) – “  Analyze and evaluate the solution(s) – (might there be some drawbacks?)  Draw a conclusion(s) and make recommendations In the Marriott clip, you will hear indications of the “Rule of Three.” Do not forget to include this information in your report. For this assignment, you will be able to see the Rule of Three from both the vantage point of the person preparing the Green Initiative Report, as well as from (hopefully) the vantage points of a consumer/customer. Feel free to brainstorm for theoretical ways that you may even be able to suggest a green initiative to your current employer, school, favorite store, etc. You may use charts and graphs (and import photos, illustrations, etc.) into your report, but those visual tools do not count as word space (in other words, you still need at least four full pages of writing). In addition to the report, you will prepare a product to use within the organization to promote this green initiative. For example: Marriott Hotels has a small card in bathrooms explaining the benefits of their soap dispensers. You can do a flier, brochure, leaflet, or similar product. Make it as dynamic (and attention-getting) as you can. Remember AIDA? Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. You want others to ultimately Act on the effort to promote environmental sustainability. If you choose to also prepare a press/news release for the initiative (this is optional), you will receive extra credit. See your textbook for examples.

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