I Need Help in In detail, analyze your results and go over the macro- and micro-nutrients.2022-06-25 04:50:21

The Report. Please include in your in PDF format ONE file with the following: 1. Cover page with you name, course, CRN, and date on it. 2. Copy of the results of your four diet food logs – PDF 3. Copy of the results of your 1 Intake Vs. Goals – PDF 4. Typed Dietary summary: a. Conclusion about current diet – analyze results (Include in your summary answers to the following questions) i. What factors contribute to your current diet? ii. Overall experience tracking your diet for four days iii. In detail, analyze your results and go over the macro- and micro-nutrients. iv. How your diet compares with a healthy diet? By compared to DRIs available in the report. v. Which Macro and Micronutrients am I consuming enough and which am I under consuming? b. Plan for improvement (APA format – 500 word limit) i. Identify at least two food sources for each Macro or Micronutrient that you will need to include in your current diet in order to satisfy your current need. This will apply to those Macro and Micronutrients that you are underconsuming. Make sure you mention at least two food sources and not supplements as your source for specific nutrients. ii. Which food items do you need to limit its consumption in order to reduce nutrients you are overconsuming? iii. Which behaviors did you identified that could be modified in your life so you can achieve a healthier diet c. Provide one MEAL (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) that includes some of the food items you want to start consuming in your current diet i. Meal should be between 400-600 kilocalories ii. Provide an estimate cost of that meal. iii. Calculate the estimated calories by entering the MEAL using the track diet tool on Diet&Welness App, select Reports and click Energy Balance

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