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Coursework Task Company of choice Mc Donalds internationalising into India Choose a case in which an international company is encountering a challenge in terms of its performance in one of its host countries. Perform three levels of analysis and identify the factors that are causing the challenge(s). Finally provide solution(s) that could tackle the identified challenge(s). Guidance Notes The assignment is designed to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in international management and the ability to apply appropriate theoretical frameworks/analytical tools to a case of your choice. The ability to collect relevant information and evidence is also required. It also invites you to make valid and feasible suggestions with which the chosen company can potentially tackle the challenge(s) they are currently facing. The case The company chosen for your assignment should be the one that has internationalised into a country, which is NOT its home country—e.g., a British company operating in the US. There are no restrictions on the form of internationalisation—e.g., M&A, WOS, joint venture, licensing , franchising, exporting, outsourcing and so on. The selected challenge(s) could be anything related to the company’s performance including financial performance (e.g., growth, sales, profitability, stock market returns) and any other performance (e.g., reputation, corporate social responsibility). The challenge should be an on-going one that has not been properly addressed yet. Perform three levels of analysis The ability to identify various factors and appropriate theories playing at different levels is expected. Use ONE theoretical framework at each level. For instance, if you are performing a national level analysis, choose either CAGE or PEST. Do not use both. The three levels include national, industry and organisational levels. At the national level, for instance, one could examine the characteristics and profile of the chosen host country using PEST or inter-national differences by applying CAGE. At the industry level, the competitive environment should be reviewed by using Porter’s Five Forces. Organisational level analysis could be about the chosen company’s resources and capabilities by using VRIO while one could also examine inter-organisational relationship if the chosen case of internationalisation involves any type of strategic alliance. A firm may be facing challenges due to the inability to understand the national level factors including political, economic and cultural differences. Furthermore, the firm may be facing issues due to the competitive environment of the industry it belongs to. (Inter-)organisational level factors may also cause issues to the firm. There may be factors causing the challenge across all the levels, but it is also possible that the factors exist at only one or two.

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