I Need Help in Write a genomic analysis of microorganisms by direct extraction and Cloning of DNA from the collection of microorganisms.2022-05-16 18:43:33

Metagenomic approach based on direct isolation of nucleic acids from environmental samples proven to be a powerful tool for comparison and the quest for ecology. It was Pace and his colleague in 1985,11 the person who introduced the idea that Cloning of DNA directly from the environmental Samples and 1991 Schmidt and his colleagues.12 DNA was cloned using this approach Picoplankton in the subsequent phage vector for 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis. In 1995 first successful function-driven metagenomic library screened and called the Zoo Library.13 However the term is Joe Handelsman and his colleague in 1998, defined as the ″genomic analysis of microorganisms by direct extraction and Cloning of DNA from the collection of microorganisms”.14 For this reason, Organisms that remained uncultivable by the traditional method will be available. Metagenomics is not a community genome microbial community in one environmental sample. Metagenomics Strategic concepts including research on Three interconnected main levels, eg Processing, DNA sequencing and function Analysis with global as the ultimate goal see how the microbial world works, DNA sequencing and functional analysis, The ultimate goal is How the world of microorganisms works.

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