In the last unit you read the applied research report: Everheart. J. (2004) A study of kindergarten and first-grade special education students’ recall of color words. Retrieved from here. https://my.u2022-07-15 Answers

In the last unit you read the applied research report:Everheart. J. (2004) A study of kindergarten and first-grade special education students’ recall of color words. Retrieved from here. this unit, you will continue to work with your team members to develop a critical analysis of the applied research report. analyze the applied research study based on the followingEthical Challenges: (1 page) Evaluate the ethical challenges the researcher faced and how they were resolved.Conclusion: (1 page) Analyze how the researcher connects the conclusion of the study to the study’s data analysis and interpretation.The assignment needs to adhere to the following areas for written communication.Page Requirement:APA Formatting: Use APA formatting consistently throughout.Syntax and Mechanics: Display meticulous comprehension and organization of syntax and mechanics, such as spelling and grammar. Your written work should contain no errors and be very easy to understand.Source Requirement: Use no fewer than three scholarly sources, providing compelling evidence to support ideas. All sources on the reference page need to be used and cited correctly within the body of the assignment.By the end of Unit 6, each group member will be required to turn in a copy of the finalized paper. On the bottom of the reference page, please include a list of group members and what each contributed to the final project.  While group members will, in most cases, receive the same grade that is not a given.  If there is a clear issue with one group member’s contribution or lack of contribution, the instructor has the latitude to award different grades to each group member.   Groups should alert the instructor if a group member is not participating.Group Activity will be assessed by the instructor using this rubric.

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