In your original post: (minimum of 250 words) Cite and support your ideas. State the scenario chosen and address the following: Why did you pick this scenario? Why did this happen? What should have2022-06-23 Answers

In your original post: (minimum of 250 words)Cite and support your ideas.State the scenario chosen and address the following:Why did you pick this scenario?Why did this happen?What should have happened? -What would you do if you were the patient/client? -What would you do if you were a healthcare professional?Has something like this ever happened to you or someone you know?How can we improve this situation?What is the relevance to the age/life cycle?What is the relevance to nutrition?Scenario 1:Allia and her husband are in their early twenties and have three children. They are immigrants to the US, work full-time, and are also taking college courses in order to earn degrees in nursing. Allia is 7 months pregnant with her fourth child. At her OB/GYN visit, she is found to have Gestational Diabetes. She attends a class at the local hospital for diabetes management but finds the experience to be very frustrating. Most of the health professionals she sees do not try to understand her cultural and religious beliefs making it difficult to learn and be compliant with her diabetes. Some providers have even asked her if she was going to “finally stop having kids” and question how the couple will be able to care for their large family. Allia visits her college advisor to discuss her situation.

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