Innovation in education may mean new and unique ideas and practices that expand students’ imaginations and pushes the frontiers of their knowledge and understanding. It means being willing and flexibl2022-05-22 Answers

Innovation in education may mean new and unique ideas and practices that expand students’ imaginations and pushes the frontiers of their knowledge and understanding. It means being willing and flexible enough to find ways to adjust what you teach and how you teach to keep your students engaged and excited to learn. It is also creating a safe place for them to make mistakes, take risks, and ask questions.What does innovation look, sound, and feel like in your situation? Investigate the types of changes that must be supported by educational leaders in order to satisfy the demands of global citizenship by examining in-depth the Innovation in education emphasizing your perception of it creatively described as, innovation:Looks like…Feels like…Sounds like…References1. Guo, Y. (2006). Why Didn’t They Show Up? Rethinking ESL Parent Involvement in K-12 Education. TESL Canada Journal, 24(1), 80 – 95. doi: article inquires into “Why don’t they show up at school?” The absence of ESL parents from school is often misinterpreted as parents’ lack of concern about their children’s education. However, many ESL parents indicated that they cared passionately. Instead of assuming that ESL parents do not care, educators need to understand the barriers that hinder some parents from participating in their children’s education.2. Juvonen, J., Le, V., Kaganoff, T., Augustine, C., & Constant, L. (2004). Whole-School Reform Models. In Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School (pp. 98-111). Santa Monica, CA; Arlington, VA; Pittsburgh, PA: RAND Corporation. Retrieved from text is concerned with innovations and programs designed to improve student outcomes and addresses other perceived problems at the middle school level. The following questions are addressed in this reading: (1) What are the major reform efforts at work in the middle school? (2) What are their goals and primary features? and (3) Do the reform show promise for addressing the challenges middle schools face today?3. Hoover‐Dempsey, K., Walker, J., Sandler, H., Whetsel, D., Green, C., Wilkins, A., & Closson, K. (2005). Why Do Parents Become Involved? Research FIndings and Implications. The Elementary School Journal, 106(2), 105-130. doi:10.1086/499194. JSTOR, JSTOR article inquires into “Why do parents become involved in children’s education?” Based on this review, the authors offer suggestions for (1) research that may deepen understanding of parents’ motivations for involvement and (2) school and family practices that may strengthen the incidence and effectiveness of parental involvement across varied school communities.4. Pilegaard, M., Moroz, P., & Neergaard, H. (2010). An Auto-Ethnographic Perspective on Academic Entrepreneurship: Implications for Research in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Academy of Management Perspectives, 24(1), 46-61. Retrieved from paper offers insight into (a) how socio spatial contexts may be structured to better evaluate the entrepreneurial facilitation process and (b) why academic entrepreneurship in the social sciences and humanities may differ from that in the hard sciences. The findings illustrate the importance of bridging innovation using twin skills to balance research and commercial goals, and the need for codifying knowledge capacities and creating new or changing existing institutional structures to legitimize and facilitate entrepreneurial activity. The research also demonstrates the great value of auto-ethnographic techniques to bring fresh insight to the study of entrepreneurship.

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