Appropriate use of humor in healthcare

Review week 4 content and answer the following questions.

  1. Give an example in which you used strategies as listed in chapter 13 to express an opinion in an assertive way.
  2. List three criteria for the appropriate use of humor in healthcare. Can you give an example of one?
  3. Specificity is an important aspect of nursing documentation- what tools does your organization use for nursing handoff? Elaborate on how you determine the critical information you relay during handoff utilizing your agencies specific tool.
  5. Difficult patients and patient complaints have a common theme based on the articles in your reading. Provide an example of a difficult patient encounter you experienced.  Did you experience the distancing phenomena? Why or why not?
  6. With the new knowledge gained this week describe how you can use questioning techniques to demonstrate empathy, sympathy, and professionalism to deescalate the difficult patient.