Module 2 – CaseHIRING PRACTICES AND LEGAL COMPLIANCECase Assignment For this module’s Case Assignment, review the background materials on pre-employment background screening. Prepare an outline of imp2022-06-18 Answers

Module 2 – CaseHIRING PRACTICES AND LEGAL COMPLIANCECase AssignmentFor this module’s Case Assignment, review the background materials on pre-employment background screening.Prepare an outline of important points for a presentation to an employer about key issues in pre-employment screening for a particular job opening where you are employed. This outline will be submitted at the same time your video or presentation is submitted. If there is no opening where you work, select a job opening found on LinkedIn, Monster, or Indeed.Prepare a video (about 6 minutes) or a slide presentation with voice-over (10-12 slides). In your presentation, be sure to address the following:Discuss any specific laws that regulate screening pre-hires.Your recommendations about what the employer should consider in deciding whether or not to conduct investigations or other pre-employment inquiries of employees.The potential negative consequences of not conducting background screening, including a discussion of what “negligent hiring” means and how it could arise.The legal risks the business faces in conducting background checks.The type of testing to conduct on applicants who apply for the open position and why it is appropriate at this time.Bring in at least two valid and reliable high-quality peer-reviewed sources found in the Trident Online Library. These two high-quality sources are in addition to your provided course materials. (Be sure to cite sources within the text of your paper as well as list each in the Reference section.)Here is a link to a video file that will walk you through creating a video and inserting it into a PowerPoint slide: have a coworker, friend, or family member use their computer to test that the video link works before submitting your assignment for grading.

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