Module 2 – SLPPROMOTION, INFLUENCERS AND ETHICSAssignment Overview Ethics and Social Responsibility When huge corporations or their leaders have ethical lapses, they often become worldwide headlines.2022-05-13 Answers

Module 2 – SLPPROMOTION, INFLUENCERS AND ETHICSAssignment OverviewEthics and Social ResponsibilityWhen huge corporations or their leaders have ethical lapses, they often become worldwide headlines. Some companies survive the negative publicity, but others do not recover. On the other hand, when organizations do the right thing or give back to communities, they may not receive as much coverage. Let us consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a part of our marketing toolbox.Session Long Project 2 ResourcesThe Influence of Advertising (2021)Managing a Socially Responsible Business (2021)Trends in Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (2021)Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) (2021)Ethical and Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship (2020)Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship (2020)Emerging Trends in Ethics, CSR, and Compliance (2020)SLP Assignment ExpectationsWriting an Online ArticleResearch a company that is doing good things for the community, a cause, a group, or the environment. Write a 300- to 350-word article that communicates how this company/organization is giving back and being socially responsible. The article is part of a marketing promotion or a way to strengthen the brand and support its message. It may be written in 1st person plural (we, our) as if you are an employee of the company.Include at least two Hashtags for the article. You may want to search for a hashtag generator to help.Insert three hyperlinks within the article linked to authoritative sources on the subject and one linked to the source used to write this project. Be sure that the article or site to which you are linking is a quality source with which the company wants to be connected. How to insert a hyperlink.Hyperlinks at work: A Trident undergraduate degree and graduation are not far off. Soon, you will be hanging your diploma and moving on to the next chapter in your career.

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