Module 4 – SLPBRANDING, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, AND SMALL BUSINESS APPLICATIONSAssignment Overview Marketing Presentation Time to make a marketing pitch. Design a new product. Let investors know why they sh2022-06-24 Answers

Module 4 – SLPBRANDING, ENTREPRENEURSHIP, AND SMALL BUSINESS APPLICATIONSAssignment OverviewMarketing PresentationTime to make a marketing pitch. Design a new product. Let investors know why they should back the project with company resources. Be persuasive and professional. Find the entrepreneur in you.How do you create a product or service? Ever look for a product and find out it does not exist? Someone had to come up with ham and pineapple pizza, right? Keep the idea simple. If you get stumped and do not have an idea, search for “really cool products” and use one of them. Do not use a well-known name-brand product; pick something you have never heard of.Session Long Project 4 ResourcesDeveloping Pitches for Various Audiences and Goals (2020)Entrepreneurial Marketing and the Marketing Mix (2020)Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Plan (2020)Market Research, Market Opportunity Recognition, and Target Market (2020)Conducting a Feasibility Analysis (2020)SLP AssignmentOver the last three modules, you have learned about marketing and developed skills that will serve you now and in the future. It is time to put those abilities to work. Be compelling. THE PITCH IN WRITINGWrite a 250- to 350-word document sharing the following:A brief description of the product.Target Market and Rationale.Pricing and Distribution Strategy.Plan for Promotion.Why this project would be a good investment.3- to 3 ½-MINUTE VIDEOYou can talk about the same content that is written but do not read it. Impromptu speaking has a different impact than reading from a screen.SLP Assignment ExpectationsSubmissionA 250- to 350-word written document using the attached template (MKT301 SLP4 Template) which MUST contain a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video link to your presentation (should be 3-3½ minutes maximum). Content beyond 3½ minutes will not be considered for grading. Do not upload the video to the dropbox since the file size may be too large.

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