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Among patients admitted to different units and receiving nursing care services (P), does optimization of nursing ratios(I), compared to an un-optimized patient-nurse ration (C), reduce the safety issues and improve their overall health outcomes (O), within their hospital stay(T)

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  1. Identify two articles in which single primary research studies are reported. (Do not use systematic reviews, literature reviews, or clinical practice guidelines for this assignment). The articles will be from a peer reviewed journals and will be current (within the last five years).
  2. Briefly describe the two outcomes as they are reported in the articles you are submitting: 1) describe how the outcome was defined (conceptual definition) and how it was measured (operational definition); describe the validity and reliability of the measure if applicable….if this is not relevant or not available, make note of it in your assignment.
  3. Consider the relevance of your two selected outcomes for the practice environment…..that is, would it be appropriate to measure the outcome in practice as it was described in the article or not? If yes, why? If no, why?

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