Organization: St. Francis Medical Center

Develop a PowerPoint slide presentation that’s approximately 10-12 minutes and covers ALL major areas of your project.
Be sure to address:

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  • site / organization: St. Francis Medical Center
  • needs assessment results (or how you knew of the need for your project): Patient satisfaction surveys and scorecards were unsatisfactory with patient emphasis on poor communication between the wound care nurses and physicians causing errors in wound care orders.
  • project topic: Improving the wound care departments nurse, and physician communication by improving their main communication tool (Wound Care Order Sheet)
  • project goals: Improving the Wound Care Order Sheet so that there is only 1 version hospital wide, implementing the practice of reading back orders, and successfully implementing an improved tool to increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.
  • project outcome (or anticipated outcome if not implemented): The organization is still doing a trial of using the new Wound Care Order Tool, but if implemented the anticipated outcome will be, a lower occurrence of wound care order errors, improved communication between nurses, physicians, and patients, and an increase in satisfactory patient surveys and scorecards.

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