Overview Different audiences require different communication styles and media. In this assignment, you will communicate the same information to different audiences in different formats. You have been2022-07-14 07:50:07GraduateWriterhelp.com Answers

OverviewDifferent audiences require different communication styles and media. In this assignment, you will communicate the same information to different audiences in different formats.You have been coordinating with the benefits team to modify the current employee benefits package to support your long-term employee engagement and retention strategy.After a lot of research and communication with different providers, the benefits team has sent you the following memo regarding the change. As part of the team spearheading the benefits change process, you are tasked with communicating details of the new package to the affected audiences.MemoFrom: Benefits DepartmentTo: Director, Strategic PlanningRE: Change in BenefitsOverview: The company has had the same benefits provider for ten years and we have reached the end of the contract. As premiums and the cost to the company have increased every year, benefits have remained the same and even decreased in some areas. Additionally, employees have been sharing concerns regarding the cost, co-pays, coverage, and options of the current provider. Therefore, in order to conduct due diligence, the benefits team began reviewing other providers last year. Based on the feedback of employees and needs of the company, the following criteria were considered in the search:Price of premiumsLower deductiblesImproved dental plan optionImproved eye care plan optionInclusion of health care savings or spending accountsEnhanced long- and short-term disability coverageWellness programsReduced premiums for nonsmokersAfter reviewing the different plans offered and extensive consultation with other stakeholders, the benefits team has selected a new program. Compared to the current program, employees will experience the following enhancements in the new program:Plans with multiple deductible optionsHealth care savings accountA wellness program that offers access to a weight loss application, incentives for wellness visits and activity logs, and reimbursement for gym memberships and smoking cessation programsImproved dental planAlthough these were part of the search criteria, the new program does not include:Lower premiumsImproved eye care plan optionsReduced premiums for nonsmokersEnhanced long- and short-term disability coverageBenefits to the company include:Reduced premiums for the employees engaging in wellness programsAdditional reduction in rates for in-network usageThe option of a “gold plan” for executives that is significantly more cost-effective than the previous planThe new benefits plan will go into effect on January 1 of the new fiscal year and will be rolled out during the open-enrollment period of the current year.Please contact the benefits department if you have any questions.PromptUsing the information in the memo above, create the following pieces of communication. Remember to tailor the information to be appropriate for the target audience.Guidelines for SubmissionEmail: Submit a 1- to 2-page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.Presentation: Submit a 3- to 4-slide PowerPoint presentation.Audio Script: Submit a 2-minute audio script in a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

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